» KKU and HR Japan co-organize the 3rd Japanese Business Culture Seminar (110 Views)

From August 19-20, 2017, KKU and HR Japan co-organized the 3rd Japanese Business Culture Seminar under the Business Human Resource Development Project for Thai University Students funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan. This project aims to organize the Japanese Business Culture Seminar and prepare the readiness of Thai students before working in Japanese companies both in Thailand and Japan.  The seminar was grouped into three main topics including workshops on Japanese business etiquettes, business morals, and business skills. Many interested students attended this seminar. This seminar gave an opportunity for students to practice their skills in various situations in a company, involving group work, and problem solving skills. 

Written by Jariya Sa-nguanrat

Translated by Wadinlada Thuratham

Photo by Jariya Sa-nguanrat

Poster : วดิณลดา ธุระธรรม [Ms. Wadinlada Thuratham] | 21 สิงหาคม 60